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Title: Autonomous guided vehicles : methods and models for optimal path planning

Author: Hamed Fazlollahtabar

Call no.:TL154. F39 2015

Keyword: Automobiles - Automatic control




Title: Cartesian impedance control of redundant and flexible-joint robots

Author: Christian Ott

Call no.: TJ211.35 O89 2010

Keyword: Robotics, Flexible-joint robots, Robots


Title: Systems engineering agile design methodologies

Author: James A. Crowder

Call no.: TA168. C76 2013

Keyword: Systems engineering, Agile Design Methodologies

Title: Static compression of energetic materials

Author: Suhithi M. Peiris, Gasper J. Piermani

Call no.: TP270.A1. S121 2008

Keyword:Shock wave, Statistic

Title: US Marine CORPS F-4 Phantom II units of the Vietnam war

Author: Peter E. Davies

Call no. : DS558.8.D373 2012

Keyword: Vietnam war

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