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Title : Steels : processing, structure, and performance  

Author: George Krauss 

Call no. : TA472. K68 2015

Keyword : Steel

Title : Nonlinear structural dynamics using FE methods  

Author : James F. Doyle

Call no. : TA347.F5 D695 2015

Keyword. Nonlinear theories, Structural analysis 

Title : Dynamic stability of structures  

Author : Wei-Chau Xie 

Call no. : TA654. X54 2006

Keyword : Dynamics, Structural Dynamics 



Title: The radiation legacy of the Soviet nuclear complex  

Author : Nikolai N. Egorov 

Call no.: TD195.N83 R33  2002

Keyword:  Health aspects, Radiation, Nuclear


Title: Thermal analysis and design of passive solar buildings

Author:  A.K. Athienitis and M. Santamouris  

Call no.: TH7413 .A84 2013

Keyword: Solar buildings, Solar

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