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Circuit cellar

Issue 371 (June 2021)

Feature Content

  -   Neuromorphic Computing Devices and Materials

  -   Box-Level Systems Fuel Intelligent Transportation

  -   Integrated Sensors Solutions Bulk Up Functionality

AirForces Monthly

Issue 400 (July 2021)

Feature Content

  -   Hail the Hind

  -   Forces Report: Brazilian Air Force

  -   Warsaw’s BIG allies

Armada International

Issue no.3 Volume 45 (June-July 2021)

Feature Content

  -   Stealthy sub-surface data gatherers

  -   Flraa and fara -procurement with a difference

  -   NAVY’s Navplan integration in a contested sea

Harvard Business Review 

Issue 4 Volume 99 (July-August 2021)

Feature Content

  -   AI-Powered Marketing

  -   Why Strategies Fail 

  -   SPACs: What You Need to Know


Journal of Nuclear science and Technology

Issue 5-6 Volume 58 (May-June 2021)

Feature Content

1.Effects of cold work on solute atom clustering during thermal aging in RPV model alloy

2.Application of ensemble method to predict radiation doses from a radioactive release during hypothetical severe accidents ad Russian NPP

3.Distribution of studtite and metastudtite generated on the surface of U3O8: application of Raman imaging technique to uranium compound


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