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IE Spectrum (November 2019)

Feature content

  • The Hydrogen-powered farm
  • How a retired aerospace worker reengineered his own farm to slash its carbon footprint
  • 3D-printing a rocket
  • A man-machine mind meld for quantum computing 

Popular Science  (Winter 2019)


Feature content

  • Unexplaned hums, rings, and rumbles space screams crying babies a lot of explosions


Popular mechanics (November 2019)

Feature content

  • The ultimate off-road toy
  • How the air force’s secret spaceplane disappears
  • The world’s first circuit breaker could completely change our powered word


Small Arms Defense Journal (V.11, No.6 2019)

Feature Content

  • New HMGs for Norway
  • Israeli weapon industries’ new 5.56mm fifle
  • P For perfection-Ruag swiss p ammo


European security and Defence International Security and Defence Journal




Feature Content

  • Thailand-Partner for Security
  • FRONTEX-Tasks and requirements
  • Collaborative programmes in NATO
  • Police Forces in France



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