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Small Arms Defense Journal (V.11, No.6 2019)

Feature Content

  • New HMGs for Norway
  • Israeli weapon industries’ new 5.56mm fifle
  • P For perfection-Ruag swiss p ammo


European security and Defence International Security and Defence Journal




Feature Content

  • Thailand-Partner for Security
  • FRONTEX-Tasks and requirements
  • Collaborative programmes in NATO
  • Police Forces in France



Asian Defence Technology

(v.26., October/November/December 2019)

Feature Content

  • Winning EDGE meggitt training systems has seen growth in both the live fire and virtual training sides of its business, thanks to new capabilities such as LOMAH
  • Military might Thailand has turned mainly to the United States and China to meet its demand fir military and defence equipment
  • Another delight Turkey is making efforts to bring out another attack helicopter

Asian Military Review

(November 2019)

Feature Content

  • Light ground attack aircraft
  • Unmanned maritime systems
  • Advances in small arms HF Radios
  • Chinese Fighters
  • Anti-Ballistic Missile Defence
  • Focus on Indonesia

Military Technology 

(V.XLIII, ISSUE 11, 2019)

Feature Content

  • Nationwide demand for keeping F-18 super hornet operational
  • Japan’s Defense Capability
  • Air power in 2025
  • Space enterprise disruptor
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