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Naval Engineering Journal 

v.130, n. 3 (September 2018)

Feature content

  • Technology, Systems and Ships Symposium 2018
  • Making risk management work
  • Reduced order multi-domain modeling of shipboard systems for energy-based control investigation

Harvard Business Review

(November-December 2018)

Feature content

  • The end of bureaucracy
  • How to free your company to innovate
  • The best –performing CEF-Os in the world, 2018
  • Reinventing customer service
  • How to cultivate everyday courage

Military Technology  

V.XLII, Issue 11 (2018)

Feature content

  • Attack Helicopter overview
  • The security compendium 7th edition
  • Spotlight on Indonesia

Popular Mechanics Exclusive

Feature content

  • The new plan to fight wildfires  with this remote-control tank
  • A report from California on the future of firefighting
  • Should you be bowling more?

Armada international  

issue 05 (October/November 2018)

Feature Content

  • How big is the boom in military aviation?
  • Special OPS and expeditionary forces debrief
  • Special report raising the stakes
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